Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Welcome friends

I shouldn't be surprised, but I am! I've just launched my new blog and already I have 8 followers. Welcome:

Margriet, Ira, Carmen, The Old Maid (sorry I don't know your real name), Sonia, Nuria, Lara and Nina. Good to see a few 'old' friends. ;-)

I promised some more pictures, so here goes:

I can't quite remember who made the floor from airdrying clay and had it shrink so much that the whole floor cracked. Well, look at my walls! Lucky for me I wanted to build an 'old' house. However, if I would have used the more expensive paperclay I would have been able to cover them up and smooth them, like I do with the openings between walls when the clay has shrunk and between floor and wall. Now I haven't bothered, because I like the cracks where they are. I have used the cheaper version of paperclay that is used for pottery. I have found that the more expensive paperclay seems to be more elastic and if money isn't a problem I most certainly prefer the good stuff.


  1. I absloutely love the outside light! It gives so nice pattern on the walls when turned on! Wish the workshops were here too. Any of them ;)Beautiful!

  2. Marion,dein neuer blog verspricht schönes und im bloggerland wird man süchtig nach neuen Sachen.
    Ich mußte srooge erst mal googeln und jetzt vermute ich, daß Mr.Penny ein Geizhals ist. Kein Wunder daß du in den letzten Tagen beschäftigt warst bei dem, was du auf die Beine gestellt hast. Das Mauerwerk ist ganz toll geworden und auch die Lampen, eine tolle Atmosphäre ist da entstanden. Ich freu mich schon auf weiteres.


  3. Me encanta con esa luz, esta genial
    Volvere por tu blog a ver tus nuevos proyectos.
    besitos ascension

  4. Hello Marion,just found your new blog and I'm totally in love with your inside -outside scene .And the new pic where the light is switched on is full of charme !Hugs,Jeannette

  5. It's wonderful Marion.

    It was poor Annie @ Obsidian Hall who had the clay floor disaster. I wonder if it's a case of the thicker the better??? I have no idea cos I've never used it in ths way, just thinkin'...

    I'm doing plaster walls in my Brocante but I'm using 'gap filler' trowelled on. Pollyfilla Rapid is one of my absolutely favourite DIY products whether it's in 1:1 of mini ;)

  6. Thank you all so much for your lovely comments. I should probably do a tour of Europe. Already I had a request for a workshop in The Netherlands. ;-) And, yes, Mr. Penny is a scrooge, or a "Geizhals' as you call him, Nina. Norma, the thicker the better does not always work. In this case there would be even more shrinkage. I like Pollyfilla too, and many other mediums, but for what I want to do, carve bricks and sandstone and make rocks and shingles and such, I definitely need paperclay. On different mediums, I just had a visitor admiring my miniatures (I am not bragging, not at all!!! wink, wink) and we were talking about all the different ways you could create bricks for one thing. It must be the most varied hobby that you can think of, that we have........

  7. Oh yes, you couldn't possibly achieve what you are doing with a little gap filler ;) I have been wondering if I'm just being a bit lazy and maybe should be using some paperclay, or even papiermache on my plastered walls, but I think that so long as I get a rough texture it'll suffice for my needs in this project. I really like that sandstone wall by the way.

    Can you tell I'm practising avoidance today - I'm at a 'knotty' point in my essay so I keep popping over to Blogger to give my mind a rest ;)

  8. Wouw Marion I like this styl, all those wood and old look, very good,greetings


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