Monday, October 1, 2012

A Dollshouse and Miniatures Show in the USA

30 September 2012

In my last posting I told you that we were going to visit the Sates, and here we are: in Hamburg, NY!  We’ve been here for two weeks now and are enjoying ourselves. 

Before we left I have been trying to find out if there was anything going on in the miniature world in this neck of the woods, but in vain.  If you don’t have contacts or names of clubs or so you don’t get very far, but…  today we were lucky.  Frank was reading the newspaper a few days ago and saw an ad about the Western New York Miniatures Enthusiasts.  The were going to have a show on Sunday 30th September not so far from where we are staying, so this morning we got into the car after breakfast and made our way to Depew, which I believe to be a suburb of Buffalo.

They had a display of various items, which I was kindly allowed to take pictures of, and a range of traders.  It was not unlike the Open Day of our Brisbane club, but it was nice to experience what miniaturists make and sell at the other side of the globe. I had a brief chat with two ladies who were on roster in the display area and they told me that they also have a small group of miniaturists who work together on projects in Hamburg.  I would have loved to pay them a visit, but they didn’t offer and I didn’t dare ask…  Never mind, I had a pleasant morning looking around.  And guess what, I didn’t even buy anything.  I was tempted to buy two little resin dolls for my Florist, but I told myself that I would be allowed to do so as soon as it was finished.  I need to work a bit harder and this kind of thing is a good incentive. The club meets every 1st Wednesday of the month to work on projects and every 3rd Wednesday for a business meeting.
Next are a collection of the pictures I have taken in the display area:

A collection of rugs (cross stitch and French knots)

very small scale: "Bifocal Express"

Minis Cheaply Made (explanation below)

South Western Room in a book

American Room in a book

A club project (barrel) used in a scene

Arts and Crafts dining room

To Grandma's House we go

Live garden in a dish

Another live garden, but the plants "have been eaten by Chipmunks and ?"

Pumpkin patch with a difference :-)

Forecastle of a ship

Below decks of the same ship
Sunday in Church (view from the left)
Sunday in Church (view from the right)

Henry VIII in his dining room

A Catholic school

Miniaturists with a sense of humor!
17th Century Keeping room (right)

17th Century Keeping room (left)
 I hope you have enjoyed these pictures as much as I did.

See you next time when I have to tell you something of note...