Monday, March 28, 2011

The Dolls House Show in Arnhem

This is an event I have wanted to visit for years, but I was never in The Netherlands at the right time of the year.  This year, or rather last year, I planned my trip differently and focussed on the date of the Show.  Et voila, it worked!

As I mentioned in my earlier post, I attended the woodcarving workshop on Friday.  On Saturday and Sunday my dear hubbie and I did the rounds.  This Show is held in an old, but beautiful, church: The Eusibius Church in Arnhem, conveniently located near the Rijnhotel where we stayed for the duration.

I have had a ball!  First of all this show is of good quality and there was plenty of room between the stands to walk and talk, because of course it's a meeting place for miniaturists as well.  And 'meeting' I did.  Lots of friends that I got to know in the past via a Dutch email group and others, albeit not as many, through the blogs I have been following.  One of them Josje from A Beautiful World that I am a follower of.  Nice to get to know people this way.  So, hello Josje!  How's your carving going?

Furthermore, when you have only been able to read about all kinds of artists in the miniature magazines it's so great to meet them, be able to talk to them and admire their craft from close by.  They are all so kind and when asked they allowed me to take pictures and James Carrington even allowed me a picture with him.  (The pictures are on their way, Jamie, if you happen to read this).  I think most of you know by now that Jamie sculpts those wonderful character dolls. 

James Carrington at his stand

A few of James' character dolls

Jamie and I

Ann High is another who's work I value: beautifully carved furniture.

Ann High's stand

A few of Ann's chests
Gert Vogels of Vonas Miniatures (alas, no website) has some beauties on offer as has Hermann Straeten (where I forgot to take pictures).  Gert and Hermann were also very informative about their work and found an interested ear in my husband, who, more than I, does a bit of turning.  Hermann was demonstrating and I could have watched for hours (if not for my poor legs...)  Where Gert makes use of recycled ivory, amongst other mediums, Hermann also works with the Thika Nut.  Thika is an African nut and the finished product is white sprinkled with black dots. 

Vonas Miniatures

Full size and twelfth scale egg stand

Last but not least, I had a chat with Gerd Felka, glass blower from Germany.  I had been watching Leo Reijnders at work and was impressed, but most certainly bowled over when I saw Gerd's glassware.  Sometimes it would be great to be rich. ;-)

Gerd Felka and his glassware stand

Tine Krijnen's stand was another one I had been on the lookout for.  I love working with paper and making books, so Tine's bookbinding work is a 'must' for me.  Not that I will ever be able to equal her precision work, but hey, imperfectionism is not a sin....

Tine and partner at their stand

Lever arch folders and other stationery

Atie and I

Atie and I hadn't met before, but I felt I could have talked for hours with her.  Wonderful person.  However, I didn't only come to look and talk, but to buy!!!  I have come home with a range of goods, although I didn't have a plan, nor a list.  I just bought what I felt I wanted to 'have', save for one thing, a book.  That had been on my wishlist for a while and since it was for sale at the very first stand I walked past it soon was mine....

leather for another workshop

a few plant pots for my florist

a stove top and boiler for my future 'Dutch' house

a crystal ball for my witch's cottage
A poinsettia kit for my florist

a beautifully crafted rooster (on the scroll saw)

Sheets of lead and a bag of gravel
A bookbinding kit for my withch's cottage, a lever arch folder kit,
 and a piece of marbled paper for bookbinding
a number of kits to make lever arch folders
perhaps for a workshop at our club

I also bought a few sheets of veneer, but they have been packed carefully for traveling, so I'm not going to unpack them.  Veneer is veneer anyway....... 

And that's it for today.  Either the internet or my laptop is playing up and it takes forever to upload my blog.  I've had enough. ;-)  At least you've got some updates from me.  Until next time.  I go and read a few of your blogs now.  So much easier........

Bye for now.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

It's been a long time

I know, it's been far too long since I've updated my blog.  I just haven't done much to write about, but that's about to change.  For those who don't know, I have travelled to the Netherlands and the plan is to stay here for three months.  I am on a house exchange and feel quite adventurous.

As I am using hotel internet time I hhaven't got much time tonight.  I just upload a few pictures and will go into more detail later. 

Today I have attended a workshop woodcarving by Ann High as part of the Dollshouse and Miniatures Show in Arnhem.  I'll show you a few piccies of the group at work and a picture of the carving in process.  We're making a 14th century blanket box.

The group at work with Ann in the centre right

Cold coffee only.  We were too busy :-)

A rather weary smile at the end of a busy day

Carving in progress
As I am a bit of a perfectionist I never go home with a finished product.  Ann gave us all the material to take home, so I will be able to finish it at my own pace.  I've also bought a set of carving tools and will hopefully find some time, and nice wood, to do more carving.  I'll keep you up to date, because I have planned plenty more for this holiday.

Bye for now.