Friday, June 4, 2010

More pictures after all

I said earlier that I had forgotten to take pictures while I was working on the project, but that was not completely true.  I did take a few, but not exactly step-wise.  I took one, when I was busy mould making on the kitchen bench.  Lucky me, I have a huge bench, so I don't miss the space much that was taken over by my mould making equipment.  It is still in a similar state, because I had an additional booking and so I need to pour more casts.

Before I knew of the extra booking I realised I needed door handles. I didn't really feel like making moulds for such tiny items, and pouring resin in such little quantities wasn't attractive to me either, so I sat down and in a few hours I'd made these from polymer clay:

I have to be honest and tell you that I pinched the idea from the Internet. They looked so cute when painted. Now I have made moulds of them after all, since I need to do more casting and can use up extra resin if I have mixed too much.  They might come in handy somewhere else.  There are two sorts: for inside and outside and the way I have made the moulds I can use them on the left or right hand side of a door.

I also took a picture of the fireplace before I put it in. I don't know why. Perhaps I wanted to have a picture to remind me how I'd done it, instead of writing it all down. I have been taking notes while I was working on the project, otherwise I can not make a proper scenario for the workshop.

I wanted to keep it simple, yet effective, so I used left over foam core and balsa wood.  That's all there is to it.

Well, that's really all the pictures I have.  I haven't got anything else to show you today, because I am preparing yet another workshop.  We are going to make a photo album when we have the next club meeting in Brisbane.  I am busy putting the kits together and all it is is cutting paper and card. I do have a cutter for my card making, but it's old and worn out and not very precise when it comes to working with millimeters.

That brings me nearly to the end of today's posting.  All that's left is to say 'Welcome' to my friend Ria from Variaatjes WorkshopBoxes, who's now also following my new blog.  So, welcome again Ria.  Glad to see you here too.

And just as I had published this post I discovered I had another follower, so back to editing and saying: Hello to Sylvia from Spain.  Sylvia loves miniatures, but is also into graphic design, photography, interior decorating, cross stich and scrapbooking.  (Yep, my Spanish is definitely improving :-0)  Have a look at her blog: Miniaturas Natasylvia.

And now I'll have to think of something to show you next.


  1. Hallo Marion,
    kannst Du nicht auch mit uns bloggern einen workshop machen - online.
    Ein Fotoalbum könnte ich auch im beachhouse gebrauchen, das wäre doch toll.
    Ansonsten, wirklich interessant wie die Türgriffe entstanden sind.

    Bis bald, Nina

  2. Hi Nina,
    What a marvelous idea. I will think about it, but have to design a different photo album first. At the club we often take something from a magazine or so, because we don't earn any money from it. For my blog I would probably have problems with copywright, so I will think about a different one and when I am less busy I might just do it.
    See you........

  3. Hallo Marion,

    vielen Dank für den netten Kommentar auf meiner Seite.... und die Türgriffe aus Fimo sind eine interessante Variante und eine tolle Idee. Werde nun öfter reinschauen.

    Liebe Grüße aus Germany PuNo/Monika

  4. Oh jé Marion wat heb je een leuke weblog!!!
    Het is dat ik nog steeds driftig aan het quilten ben..........anders zou ik zo weer m'n mini's naar voren halen!!


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