Sunday, November 11, 2012

A quick update

Being home for three weeks before we leave on our next trip to the south of France (near Lyon to be precise) I have just been able to finish two small items.  One for my florist and a workshop for the Brisbane club. The latter is a kind of tray for peeling potatoes or cleaning vegetables.  The tray is filled with a newspaper and, of course, muddy potatoes and a few leeks.  There's also a potato peeler and a pair of disposable gloves (naturally, because of the muddy potatoes!)  :-)

The picture isn't very clear, but because of time constraints is the best I could do for the moment.

And while I am away my workroom will be quite empty, because two kind girls from a local museum took away almost all of my roomboxes, as well as my witch's cottage, to go on display as exhibits for a "Toy Box"  exposition.  I was quite chuffed and honoured and I sincerely hope that I will somehow inspire a few people to join us in this great hobby of ours!  If someone local happens to read this, the exhibition is going to be held at the Pine Rivers Heritage Museum from the 23rd of November 2012 till 10 March 2013.

Also the list of followers of this blog has grown, so when I will be back in January there are a lot of newcomers to be welcomed.  I will have more time, I hope, to have a look at your blogs as well, but for now, I welcome you briefly and I hope you will be happy browsing through my pages.

Till next year...