Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Too soon

I finished my former posting a bit too soon unintentionally because of a phone call.  I had in mind to welcome a few more friends that are following my new blog.  I am still very much humbled by the interest that my blogs seem to attract.  I have seen, and I am still seeing, so much talent out there.  Not only did I see so many real artisans, but also such well designed blogs and some people tell stories with such imagination.....  I know that I won't be able to copy them, so I am not going to!!!  I just hope you'll keep enjoying what I have to offer in my modest way.  And now, a warm welcome to some knew and old (from my other blogs) friends:

Gonda from The Netherlands at Gonda's miniaturen
Monika from Germany at Puppenstubennostalgie
Carolyn from New Zealand at Carolyn's Little Kitchen
Susan from Australia at Mini Crochet Mad
Cheryl from Hawaii USA at A Miniature Place
Karin from Canada at Mini Ramblings and Musings
Alienora at Miniatury Alienory
Maria Jose from Valencia at Bienvenidos a mi blog Marivigano
Anthoula (from Greece?) at A Miniature Life
Sans from Singapore at The Dollshouse Diaries - My Maharaja's Palace
Ingrid from Vlaams Brabant, Belgium at Mijn Droomwereldje

Welcome again to all of you.  I am happy to have you visiting here and it's lovely to read your comments now and again.   Thank you so much.

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  1. Thanks for the welcome Marion, you write a nice blog!

    Hope the eye improves quickly, nothing worse for a miniaturist than eye trouble.


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