Craft & Quilt Fair 2014

Display at the Brisbane Craft & Quilt Fair 

October 2014

Display table at the fair
Theme: Christmas

Church by Gail & Steve

Church by Clive Garrett

Recycled CD cabinet by Gail & Steve

Preparing Christmas dinner by Joyce & Phil

Toy shop by Marj Fainges

North Pole by Joyce & Phil

Grandma's Christmas by Marj Fainges

Nativity Scene

Christmas Dinner

Christmas Shop

Christmas market stall

Christmas market stall

Christmas market stall

Christmas morning by Marj Fainges

Christmas Scene
by Margaret Jenkie

Break-away box

Outdoor Christmas
by Marj Fainges

Santa's Shop
by Joy Gilmour

Close-up of embroidery work
by Val Green

Christmas Box
by Val Green

Christmas scene
in bauble

Christmas scene
in bauble

2nd prize - raffle
by Margaret Brewer

1st prize raffle

1st prize raffle

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