Monday, August 25, 2014

My dolls house - part 12

Was it really May when I last worked on, and posted news about, my dolls house?  Shocking!  I have not worked much on it, and I have also been away and tied up with other things.  However, last week I decided it was time to get my act together and do some more work.  In all honesty, I have had that dolls house for so long now, nearly 16 years (!), and I think I am sort of loosing patience with it.  I want to see it finished, because I am getting a bit bored with the crappy furniture and I don't want to spend too much time on it.  I want to finish my florist and I want to start on my 'Dutch' dolls house for which I have been collecting and making stuff for years too.

Anyway, here's what I have done in the meantime.  Part of the pictures you will have seen before, because I have returned to downstairs and started to decorate the living room.  I have a box full items which I have made, bought or been given over the past years and it's quite a collection by now.  So, first a few items for the living room.

The Livingroom

I should take some more close-ups later, because you can't see it, but on the table I have a beautifully tatted doily underneath my vase with roses.  The latter I have made myself, the doily was bought from a friend who does beautiful tatting work. Photo album (made by myself), teapot (won in a raffle), cup and saucer (been given when extending a magazine subscription), leaf shaped tray with licorice allsorts (both been given a long time ago). The knitting work and basket were give-aways from Denmark.

The corner cabinet is new and fills the corner nicely.  In it some vases I have bought, a swan-planter which was a gift and a 'jade' elephant, which I made myself from Sculpy.

The bookcase I have made almost in the beginning when I started on the house, together with most of the other furniture in the living room.  My husband's hobby was building model boats and I'd started on a miniature one way back, but only finished it recently.  I am quite happy with the result.

The book stands were a workshop by a 12 year old girl.  She was very creative and I loved making those. The plate is finely painted fimo, given to me by a Dutch friend (as was the 'Goudse' vase on the mantlepiece).

The collection of books, which doesn't look like much when you see them all in the one book case, is quite considerable.  There are clumsily-made books, fake books, readable books, handmade and bound books and magazines.  A bit of everything.  My first books were created from blocks of wood with covers designed on the computer and printed.  Later I stepped up gradually to bound books, of which I am very proud.  Of course, the origins of books vary as much as all other items in my dolls house.

Most of what I have in my collection is listed in a database, so I know the origin, the date, and lots more. The only problem is that I had a crash in 2005 and don't know what I have lost in the database and of late I have become very slack and keep forgetting to update it.  I should be more vigilant, because it is such a treasure to have everything listed.

On the mantlepiece a clock made of fimo, the 'Goudse' vase and an oriental figurine given to me by a Dutch friend as well, back in 2001.

A crappy picture of the fire place, but it's not new so I should have better pictures somewhere else on the blog.

Ah, at least this picture shows the doily a bit better.

The Hallway

The hallway was too dark to take a decent picture without flash.  The only new item here is the standing coat rack.  The umbrella, walking stick, beauty case, apron, hangers, bag with binoculars are all given, made or bought over the years.

The Bedroom

Apologies for yet another crappy picture.  Today was not my day, I think...  This is the newly made wardrobe in the bedroom, where wall-to-wall carpet is now in place as well.

The mirror.  When hubby was still around I used to get some help with difficult jobs, like cutting mirrors and such.   As I am not good at doing those kind of things I had to resort to the foil that came with the stand. And I don't have the patience any more either to work in such detail.  I want this finished!!!!  Sigh....

Slippers were a gift, panty hose and underwear were made by me, the flowers were a gift as was the little heart on the pillow!

At the moment I am making the night stand, or bedside table, whatever you want to call it and on top of the dresser will be placed a smaller mirror.

I am also making a cradle, but I think I will place that in the attic as I was sick of the dark brown stain and I am painting it white and blue.  Something different.  I need a change! ;-)

Over the years I have won several raffles and one of them is a Chrysnbon set for the dresser.  I may start on that one soon too.

Well folks, that's all for now.  See you around