Thursday, January 19, 2012

Stools galore and more

Since that piano looked a bit lonely so by itself I decided I'd make a piano stool as well.  I can't finish the piano anyway at the moment, because I thought it lacked something and that is some more decoration at the top half.  I am setting up a wood lathe at the weekend, with the help of my son, who kindly lent it to me and then I will try my hand at some turning.

I could have also turned some parts for a piano stool, but I wasn't going to wait.  I have started on a more modern one with a leather seat and room underneath the seat for sheet music.  I don't have a picture yet, but one of the hard parts was a decorative strip of a half round that I wanted to fix around the seat.  When talking about it it was suggested that I sand back a toothpick, so that's what I did, and with success I might add:

Sanding back a toothpick
In a perfect life I would by now have finished the stool, but my stain was very old and had become quite watery, the good stuff sitting on the bottom of the tin.  As I didn't want to go out and get a new tin I used the old one, but had to put on quite a number of coats to get the darker colour.  Impatiently I didn't let it dry enough between coats and the whole stool fell apart, the water based wood glue having dissolved!  Well, a lesson learned.  The stool is now drying properly on my workbench.

In the meantime I wanted to try and finish a few more of the numerous kits I have lying around.  This time a modern little kitchen stool-cum-stepladder.  It is a copy of an original one brought out by Ikea.  The kit wasn't designed by me, but it's very cute:

One day I will make a modern kitchen.  Till then I'll just look at the result with satisfaction.  I also have a kit for a fridge somewhere, but I'll leave that one till I actually start this kitchen.  That'll be a long way off yet.

Last night I have started on another kit: a basket with garden gloves and such.  Yes, I am on a roll while I have the time...  I am not happy with the basket, I've done a better job in the past, but I am nearly finished with the gloves and just love them:

This is one of the two.  It's made of real leather and I was even game enough to separate the fingers, so it's a correct into the very detail.  It was fiddly work, to be honest, so I leave the other one till tomorrow and go off to bed now.  See ya...


  1. You are really moving along with your projects. I had to laugh about the piano stool. Been there and done that way too often. But you persevere, thats what counts. LJ

  2. Both your kitchen stool and garden glove is lovely. Looking forward to see the piano stool.


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