Saturday, January 7, 2012

More on the ironing board and a piano in progress

Another diversion.  I am all over the place right now.  Just the way I like it! Just doing things I feel like doing.  This time I have done some more work on my ironing board, because I don't like things to look brand new in miniature.  In real life it's quite different, I can tell you. :-)

As you can see, by now the ironing board has had some good use.  It shows the usual spot where the iron singes the fabric.  Instead of the required metal sheet that the workshop in the magazine required, I made wooden edging around the end bit and placed 'asbestos' in the space where the iron usually rests.  I know  asbestos is a dirty word nowadays, but that is what our mothers used in those times.  I have used a bit of old cardboard that I split through the centre.  It had just the required texture and with a dirty smudge it looks quite realistic. A few nails to keep the fabric in place, just like on my mother's ironing board, finishes it off nicely.  While I was at it I remembered that my mother had an additional small board for ironing sleeves, so I made one of those as well.  It looks different from the big ironing board, but that was intentional, because the little board has been re-covered and some small edging fabric has been put around it and fastened with a few nails.  As I said, I don't like pristine objects.  Real life isn't like that.

I am also working on a piano.  It's mainly finishing off a workshop that I had done during my holiday last year with Bert Aarts.  It's not quite finished yet, because I want to somehow decorate the top front with turned elements, but don't know exactly how to go about it yet.  So, the piano itself is finished, but I can't varnish until I have put on the additional decorations.

I have stained the piano in rosewood.  It's probably an unusual colour for a piano, but I liked it and we can take poetic licence, can't we?  The keyboard is only lying on top, to be glued in later. I will add some sheet music of course and now I am looking at the picture I think it calls for a piano stool as well.  Maybe I should take up some more wood turning, but might make a modern stool in the meantime.

Rest me to extend a warm welcome to my latest follower: Patrizia.  I noticed you are also building a flower shop.  It looks promising.  Have you seen mine at The Florist's?  Making miniature plants is another passion of mine.

Well, that's it for today.  It has just started to rain, so what better things to do than playing with my minis????

Bye for now


  1. The ironing board is so good! you made it perfectly and trust me, I know ironing boards since I spend far too much time with them. Best wishes, Rosanna

  2. WOW! the ironing board is very realistic! your idea is brilliant! after all, to do well the thumbnails, just look around every day, to play the reality..

  3. Both of them looks great! I also like that ironing board a lot! The tiny one is cute too! I love you´re minies, you´re work is so inspiring! It´s raining also here in Finland, but thank god it´s finally snow!! :) So actually it´s snowing. :)

  4. Good Morning Marion,
    I cannot believe that I have not previously discovered your site! I would have loved to phone you when I was in your neck of the woods. When I am in Australia our home base is in Maleny and my Mother lives in Caboolture, sister in Woodford - so we know Bribie very well.
    Enjoyed your site - hear temperatures have been very high!
    Regards Janine


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