Thursday, January 5, 2012

My dolls house - part 5

Today I got a bit frustrated with working on the house.  I shouldn't forget that from the beginning this house was to practice on and get some experience, but when things go wrong, like today, I tend to forget that.

I have been fixing the front walls to the house, but the end result is terribly.  The wood is warped and even though I had it under a damp cloth and heavy weight for a while it has not straightened.  The doors are supposed to be held in place by magnets, but those puny little things don't even have strength to keep them closed.

But first I am going to return to where I left of.  After the house had a nice coat of blue I started on the chimneys and dormitories.  The chimneys are very basic.  The dormitories were supposed to be put together and glued on top of the roof.  At first I wanted to make square holes in the roof so you could really look into the attic through the windows, but I didn't want to spoil what I had finished so far, because the roof is rather fragile since the three parts are butted onto each other and glued in place.  Instead I painted the inside black and hung lace curtains in the windows.  At least it looks a bit realistic.

 And then came the big job of glueing the shingles on.  Again it's a cheap finish with just cardboard 'shingles' that are shiny into the bargain.  The roof is overhanging the front doors, so it will get damaged quite easily.  I don't think I am going to care much about it.  While everything is drying I prepare the steps for the front door and the front door itself.  It needs a door knocker, a door handle and a cover for the lock.  The knocker and handle came with the kit, the lock cover was molded into the plastic, but I managed to paint it gold with a good quality pigment.  For a plastic door it looks reasonably well.

So far so good.  It's late again, so I am going to watch the last of the tennis and might see you back tomorrow.  So long.....

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