Friday, September 2, 2011

M(B)aking bread

Did I make bread, or was it baking bread? :-)  I guess a bit of both.  It depends on how you look at it....

I did make some bread, although it had stopped raining ages ago.  Remember it was raining last time I placed an update and I was looking forward to get some work done?

I got done much, much more, but not all mini.  Life goes on, real life that is, and there's always things that get in the way.  However, I made some bread and bread rolls of different varieties:

Bread and bread rolls
Usually I work with Fimo or some other polymer clay to do this kind of work, but I didn't have the right colours.  So, instead I opened a packet of Crayola which I had had for ages, but never yet used.  It's an airdrying clay, but very light and it feels like foam.  It is quite easy to work with and for the bread it had a real nice texture.  It's white, so I had to get my paint out.  I'm quite happy with the result.

I then put on two grips and a sort of locking system on the lid:

Lock and grips
Oh oh, the picture shows my mistake big way!  I just started drilling a little hole for the nail when I realised I had my measurements wrong.  I can hardly see it normally, but the picture is too clear....  Will have to think about a solution, because this project is going into a competition and I don't want to spoil it with just one hole in the wrong place. :-(

Filled up with bread and bread rolls and even a cloth to cover the bread in the baskets
Nearly done now.  I am only waiting for some hinges that have to come all the way from the UK.  I needed three different sorts and I missed two of those.  So, it's putting the lid on with hinges and then I can also put hinges on the lid for the smaller box.  When that's done I can glue it against the big one and I'm done.  So, see you in about a week perhaps?

Then back to my followers.  Again I can welcome two people, one of whom has a fairly new blog, but one with lots and lots of pictures of her work, and of the other one I can detect a blog, but you're both very welcome as a follower:

Doortje from the Netherlands at rdoortjesminis and Carolina Leonardo

See you all next time. Bye for now.


  1. Wonderful work,I really like that ;-)!Jeannette

  2. genial! vas a ser la reina del mercado con ese carrito!!

  3. A lovely project and very well done. I wish you good luck with the competition. A hug

  4. Wow, Marion! The breads are fantastic and they were super realistic within your fabulous breads carrier.

  5. Un trabajo perfecto, usa pegamento blanco con aserrín para cubrir el agujero
    Un abrazo

  6. Thanks for your solution, Rosamargarita. I am going to give it a try. To the others: thanks for your kind comments.


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