Tuesday, September 13, 2011

My dolls house - part 2

I received so many lovely comments last time.  Thank you all.  It seems you are waiting for another instalment.  Well, here we go....

I finished the kitchen in June 2002.  As by then I had been making miniatures for approx. 4 years I had gathered a lot of stuff: items, either bought, received as gifts or swaps, or made by me.  I still couldn't wait to see results, so I arranged everything in my new kitchen and took a few photographs.  Actually, I did the same at a few stages.  The first piccies were taken when I hadn't put in the false wall yet, nor had I finished the cabinet completely. Also the table and chairs were still painted white.  However take a look.  I plonked everything in that kitchen that I had.  Couldn't care less what it looked like. ;-)

A cabinet by Reuter, given to me by a SIL for my birthday.

Swaps, gifts, purchases, they all took pride of place. 
Even a pizza made by a creative 11 year old girl.

The unfinished kitchen cabinet, which still needed door knobs and a curtain.

The bread, fruit and apple pie at the back were amongst the first items I ever made from polymer clay.  There's even the smallest of items: a little matchbox (but I didn't make that one myself).

After I had put in the false wall I started on a few more cabinets for the kitchen.  By then I had become more creative and started to repaint everything.  I also used different colours, because I reckoned that in a real kitchen we don't always have matching colours.  More often then not we gather stuff over the years and I wanted this to become a 'lived in' house. 

An open cabinet to store whatever needs a place in the kitchen

I called this a meat safe in the beginning, but it isn't really a meat safe, although the part at the top could be used as one, because of the sort of netting in the doors.
 At the time I was particularly proud of this cabinet, because I had changed it.  The original cabinets couldn't be opened, but I made an opening drawer in this one, and the top doors even have old fashioned wooden handles now that can really turn to lock the doors. It's a shame though, that I don't have the money to cover the slots with fineer.  I hate the look of the tab-and-slot furniture.

The curtain and door knobs fixed.

The little shelving thingy above the cabinet is a replica of the same I saw in the Del Prado magazine that came with the house.  I made it out of polymer clay and wood.  I still love it.  It must have been beginners luck, because I have tried to make it twice more and never succeeded as well as the first time.

Look at these cheeky little kittens (and do you see the opening drawer?)

Cushions for the chairs, which by then I had distressed to make them look worn and old.

Little mice and a mouse trap.  The latter made by the 11 yr old girl's brother.  He was younger, but I can't remember his age for sure.  Possibly 7.  They were both so very creative.  They made these things all by themselves.

And last but not least (for today that is), an overview of the kitchen before I took it all down again to start building the rest of the house:

The table has been redecorated with some folk art flowers on the sides.

I can't deny my background: there are a few Dutch items to be found in the picture for those who are 'in the know'.

You may wonder about my 'very good memory', because I seem to remember the origin of every item.  Well, most of the time I do genuinly remember, because if they have been swaps or gifts I have a fond memory of the person and I can instantly recall.  However, I am very grateful to have heard of people keeping a log about their dolls houses, because that is what I have done from day one.  Everything is accounted for.  Well, eh (red faced now!) I think I have a bit of catching up to do over the last few years.  I've become a bit slack.  So, if you don't see a new posting the next few days you know what I am busy doing...........

Bye for now


  1. Wat een gezellige keuken Marion. De pizza vind ik super gemaakt.

    groet Heleni

  2. Am besten gefällt mir der Spülschrank mit den spielenden Katzen, das sieht so lebendig aus !
    Tolle Sachen, es macht Spaß sie anzuschauen.

  3. The kitchen is beautiful! Many fantastic details!

  4. Nou Marion, ik heb de aanvulling goed bekeken en de keuken is er nog gezelliger op geworden. Prachtige details. Dat kleine kastje aan de muur van klei en hout is super. De blauwe kleur is prachtig voor de keuken.

    groet Heleni

  5. Marion, I have such a great time touring your wonderful kitchen. So many details and you have some fine miniatures. But fine miniatures are made wonderful only because of how you have placed them. I love the kitties and the mousetrap and all the household utensils and more more more.

    I too remember all my gifts and I use my blog to record them. For the ones that I have not used, they are all still in their envelopes so I don't ever forget who gave me what and when :).

  6. jaaaaa....los gatos bajo el fregadero!!

  7. It`s fun to read your story. Your kitchen look great, many details and you did a lot of work.


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