Saturday, July 3, 2010

A short break from minis

You won't see me here for a week or so.  Frank and I needed a short break and have packed the campervan. I have taken some kits with me, but knowing myself, I don't do a lot when I am "on the road".  If you want to you can follow us on Young Pups rond Australia.  We have also taken our little cat.  Hope she likes the travelling as much as we do!  See you in a short while...


  1. Hope you have a lovely time, Marion!

  2. You have wonderful holiday :)


  3. Have a WONDERFUL time!!

    BTW my 'chopper' finally arrived and I think it's great.

  4. Thank you all. I'm enjoying myself, although we travelled in the wrong direction. Should've gone to the north and warmer weather. :-) Nothing mini done (was to be expected!) Norma, give your chopper a good workout before uni starts again..... See you all and behave yourself while I'm away. LOL


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