Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Paperclay workshop

I've done it!  On Saturday and Sunday we've finally done the workshop that I have been preparing for for so long and I must say, it was worth every minute I spent on the preparations.  I was nervous and had butterflies in my stomach, but in the end it was a fulfilling experience.  As you can tell from my witch's house, I love working with paper clay and it felt great to share this love with other people who now know how to use it to its full potential.  My younger son also came along and took care of part of the workshop.  We needed a flickering light for the fire place and he, the electronics wizz he is, had put a kit together for people to solder the parts and make their own flickering light.  I don't have all the photo's yet of this very pleasant weekend, but will show you here the few I have:

As you can see, this weekend also was our 'Christmas in July' celebration. Here in Australia it's always very hot at Christmas time and for years now people have been celebrating a watered down version in July. For us the coldest time of the year, although up here in Queensland you can't even call a winter cold. Anyway, a good reason to have a nice Christmas dinner and presents. It was good fun. We always have a 'Secret Santa' after dinner. We all bring and receive a small present.

And who do you think received this cute little cradle??? Yes, my 36y old bachelor son! LOL Fortunately I received a beautiful 'silver' bottle opener in the shape of a dolphin, so we quietly swapped and are both happy.

"Santa" was also happy for a while. He gave out the parcels and received a hug and a kiss from every woman. He wasn't so happy anymore when the men got up to receive their parcels and wanted to bestow the same kind gesture on him!!!! :-)

After that we worked till late in the evening and most got up early on Sunday morning, eager to finish their work. We hardly stopped for lunch and morning- and afternoon tea, which was a shame, because the food, prepared by our hostess, was delicious. And then, finally, it was time for a last picture and our farewell BBQ.

My 'Scrooge' workshop, as I call it, because my setting is going to be the abode of Scrooge (Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol) had an unexpected spin-off.  Did I think all the hard work was done??? Not quite.  Everybody liked the door, window and shutters so much (they were the resin casts for which I had been making the moulds a while ago), that they wanted to order extra sets, so I have presently gone back to casting. And dear son is getting some extra flickering light kits done and is soldering a few as well, because not everyone wanted, or had the time, to do the soldering themselves.  Never a dull moment in this household.......... ;-)  Mmmmm, should I start thinking about an Etsy shop?  What do you think???

See ya


  1. Marion, what a wonderful thing you have done for your students! They all look so happy with their results.

  2. What a great event! I bet you all had fab time in there :) And YES, Etsy shop with the windows and shutters, oh yes :D

  3. How fun!!!!! I am sure I would have thoroughly enjoyed that workshop too, Marion :). I like that cradle :). And will we have closed up of your Scrooge workshop?

  4. Thanks, all of you for your compliments. And, Sans, do you mean a close up of the actual inside/outside setting (the finished product so to speak)? I have posted that a while ago. Go to the label 'Scrooge' and scroll down. The inside bit still needs to be furnished, but don't hold your breath. ;-) I am currently working on my witch's house again.

  5. I see you had a very nice time. You and your "pupils" made a great job.

    The white cradle is lovely.

    Hugs and greetings

  6. Marion ik heb een antwoord op mijn blog gezet onder het olie- en azijn stelletje.

    Groetjes Jody.


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