Wednesday, February 22, 2012

My dolls house - part 8

It's been a few weeks again, but I have been working on the house in the meantime, albeit with problems where I least expected them.  I am just not having a very good time, but hey, we'll persevere...  So what was the latest I did?  Ah yes, the curtains in the living room.  The kitchen was the next place that needed window dressing, so I set out to do something different there as well.  Not liking the pelmet one bit, especially in a kitchen, I thought of something else.  Shorter curtains and two window sills.  A narrow one for the top windows on which I hope to place some potted herbs in the future, and a wider one for the bottom windows with something I have always liked: geraniums and hyacinths!  So there you are:

I am not yet happy with the bottom one, because it's leaning forward. They were very difficult to attach to the wall as there is not much to hang on to.  I will have to think of something.  Looking at the picture I might add small strips of wood underneath, so it will look a bit better and then you won't see the window frames either (as if you would if you don't look at a photograph :-)....)  I like the look from the outside as well.  I will just have to hang the curtains straight:

Next step was to attach the 'corner stones' to the front walls.  They are just as crappy as the roof tiles, but I don't really care much as you'll know by now.  At least they give the plain walls a bit of a lift:

After the wet weather the walls have straightened again considerably. Unreal.  I may have to buy a humidifier to keep to house in order. LOL That wouldn't be enough anyway, because it's already starting to fall apart.  The narrow part with the front door has come off the hinges since I took this picture.  I should have realised that glueing the nails and the hinges first would have been a better option, because the door is too heavy with the stairs attached.

In the meantime I have decided to finish downstairs first and so I have put back the furniture that I have started with a long time ago:

All the furniture in the kitchen was painted white originally, but I didn't like the look, so started off with a few blue items to go with the walls.  As I don't like perfect matches all through the house I have put in a hutch with a different finish: Baltic pine (if I remember well) and added a light tan table top.  The sides of the table I have painted with folk art designs.  I have allowed some white in the kitchen, otherwise it would be too dark.  If you take a close look you'll see a few stains on the walls and the fireplace, but they will be covered up again.  They are from the blue tack with which I initially attached some items to the walls.  I will now either glue them or use wax.  I haven't made up my mind yet.  Glue might be too permanent.  And while you're having a close look you'll see all the dust on the surface of the furniture.  Yak, this dirty kitchen needs a good clean up first.

Although the house is mainly done in the Victorian style, I am not strictly sticking to it.  It's my fun and practice house, so I don't care if the styles are a miss-match here and there.

As you can see, the living room is more Victorian with its dark furniture, curtains and wall paper.  It will end up rather gloomy, but that is quite the essence of the Victorian period.  I have used the original fabric for the chairs and sofa and I must admit I rather like it.  The fabric is a bit too much like cotton, but the stripes go well with the other colours and brighten the room just that little bit.  I do need a rug on the floor though, because it looks quite austere the way it is now. I might also get some stuff to get rid of silverfish.  The nasty bug(ger)s have started eating the wallpaper in the living room.  They really are a nuisance in this damp climate.

This is the hallway.  Not much to tell about it as I have already visited this part of the house earlier on.  Next pictures show the living room and kitchen with their respective curtained walls:

And it's time again to welcome a few more followers.  I was surprised to notice that we have past the round number of 200 already.  I am really humbled to see that so many people seem to take an interest in what I am doing in my 'miniature life'.  I must be honest with you though, and tell you that I no longer offer give-aways.  I think it's a nice tradition for people who like it, just like the rewards, but I am no longer interested in either.  I just like to play with my minis when I have time (and that's not much) and tell you all about it, but I am afraid that's where it ends.  Of course I am not entering nor advertising give-aways either.  I hope you will understand and respect my view.  Then here's a list of new followers.  If I couldn't find a blog or a website I just show your name:

Allis.Kirkegaard at Allis Glade blog
Lidi Stroud at Intominis (Hi Lidi, I'm still in awe of your beautiful baskets!)

I wish you all a warm welcome, thank you for following my blog and hope you will enjoy it, as I enjoyed visiting your blogs and/or websites.

Bye for now.

Sonja has just given me her blog: Minisonja and of course I had a quick look.  Will need to go back though.  What a wonderful blog Sonja.  Your tutorials are great and I admire your Baby Shabby Chic Boutique very much.


  1. Hi Marion,
    Thank you for the warm welcome.
    This is my blog:


  2. Your kitchen looks so "fresh" with the curtain and all the blue furniture.

  3. Thanks for your kind comments Sonja and for supplying your blog address. I have added it in the meantime.

  4. Wat is dit huisje ontzettend gezellig Marion. Aan de buitenkant maar ook zeker de binnenkant.

    groet Heleni

  5. Hoi Marion, The kitchen is looking lovely! I like the little curtains you have made and the flowers in front of the window, it looks very 'gezellig' ;)

    groet, Josje

  6. Liebe Marion, deine Küchengardinen gefallen mir sehr gut, überhaupt die ganze Küche ist so schön!
    Ich hatte auch mal vor Jahren ein el Prado Haus angefangen zu bauen, das war mein Einstieg in die Miniaturen,deshalb war das ganz gut.
    Ich erinnere mich,daß ich die Wände und die Böden verstärkt habe, weil sie viel zu dünn waren. Die Böden biegen sich dann mit der Zeit durch.
    Ich denke also, es liegt nicht nur am feuchten Klima sondern viel mehr am minderwertigen Material.
    Ich mag dein Haus, das du so tapfer weiter baust und freue mich auf deine neuen Fotos.
    Nicht aufgeben! Und alles Liebe! Nina

  7. Wszystko wygląda pięknie. Jak ja bym chciała już mieć takie firaneczki. Bardzo podobają mi się też drzwi. Ja jeszcze swoich nie zrobiłam. Uściski!

  8. Thanks again for your kind comments, Josje en Heleni. Inderdaad, het wordt 'gezellig'. Gek he, er is geen taal dan het Nederlands waar je dat woord zult vinden.
    Nina, it's too early for me to respond fully in German, but Dank fuer deine freundlichen Woerter. ;-) It's only because for me too the Del Prado house got me into miniatures. It's a love/hate relationship. I have strengthened the base though, but could not do much with the doors. They would become too heavy. However, they do react to the dampness of the weather. In wet weather they are straight. During a dry period they are crooked again. Oh well, I'll learn to live with it until I get the correct magnetic strips that I want to try out. Hugs to all...

  9. Agnieszka, Thank you too for your kind words. Yours is a Del Prado house as well, isn't it? It's great what you are doing with it. So many changes. It's getting a real modern look.
    Bye for now


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