Friday, May 30, 2014

My dolls house - part 11

As I had started on the doors yesterday, that was what I was planning on finishing today.  Very fiddly work again, not only glueing on the strips:

but the hinges can be a downright pain in the neck when trying to hold the little nails:

Finishing touch on the doors

Attaching the hinges
Tiny nails, hard to put into place

However, the bedroom door is in place and I haven't lost a nail (yet)!  Hopefully the bathroom door will be as obliging...

The bedroom door closed...
...and open
Finished for today.  As I will have a busy weekend the rest will have to wait for a few days.  See you then.


  1. Hello Marion,
    Great work on the doors. I remember swearing so much when I had to attach the hinges on my doors.
    Big hug,

  2. Thanks, Giac. This time I did it even without swearing!

  3. Deuren en ramen maken zijn niet echt het leukste werk vind ik, maar ik vind het altijd wel heel veel voldoening geven als ze dan keurig in het huis zitten...het maakt het huis wel af!

  4. Ik vind het eigenlijk wel leuk werk, Margriet, maar ik ben gewoon verkeerd te werk gegaan. Ik had eerst het hele huis moeten afwerken, voordat ik aan de inrichting begon, zodat ik overal makkelijker bij had gekund. Maar och, het is het ergste niet. Ik werk toch nog wel met plezier en geniet van de vorderingen (langzaamaan).

  5. So great to see you in the mini saddle again Marion!!!!

  6. Thank you Deni. I am glad to be back there too. It feels good!

  7. Just found your blog - love the posts about your dolls house project! I too have an unbuilt Del Prado house, though it is the one from the late 1990s called Your Dream Dolls House.

    1. Hi Cara. Thanks for your comment. Would love to see you building your DP house. I have done a bit more in the meantime, but need to catch up with the blog.
      I had a look and your blog. Great! I have sent the link to our bookclub members. Hope you don't mind. They will be surprised to see what else can be done with books except reading them!


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