Friday, June 3, 2011

Rheda Wiedenbrück (28 & 29 May 2011)

Finally the day has come.  Not only have I been lucky enough to be able to visit the Arnhem Dolls house fair earlier this year, but at the end of our touring-through-Europe-holiday I get to spend two days at the German dolls house fair in Rheda-Wiedenbrück as well. And that on top of all the workshops I have been able to attend.  I feel very privileged that I have had this opportunity.  I have enjoyed it so much! 

We had two great days.  So much to see, and so many people to talk to, because by now we know quite a number of people.  And not only behind the stands. On Saturday, in the entry hall, I met with Nina from MiniMumm.  We’d only been in contact through our blogs, now we got to meet each other for real.  She’s a lovely lady and surprised me with a present! A beautiful basket and inside a cute little pansy.

Nina's gift
Thank you so much, Nina.  It was a shame we didn’t have enough time to meet for coffee, but on the other hand understandable.  By the way, I loved your purchases!

While we were talking I noticed Els from The Netherlands in the entry hall.  She’d just finished her rounds and was on her way home.  Home in this case was their motorhome waiting in the same parking lot as ours! So we met briefly later, after the fair. 

I have been so busy during the fair that most of the time I forgot to take pictures.  Once I remembered it was almost closing time:

Although I took a few at some stands where I was allowed to take pictures after asking:

Engelhard Schmitt at work
This gentleman (actually, only his hands show) is Engelhard Schmitt.  He cuts the finest silhouettes.  Absolutely beautiful.

I loved this roombox too: a toy-making workshop

This garage was beautifully done
And what about this carriage?
On the left: before - On the right: after
A clever way to show how to use unusual materials.

A teddybear-making workshop

My personal favorite: Waldemar Backert's baskets

I didn’t go with a shopping list, but that didn’t keep me from buying. J  Here’s what I have purchased:

Earlier I'd made two more purchases.  In Vienna I discovered this in a souvenirs shop:

And much earlier, in France, we visited a site where they're building a medieval castle.  There I managed to buy a miniature book.  Not exactly 1/12th scale, but very close:

On Sunday I remembered early to take pictures.  There was a huge display area where an online group had put together a little village: Winzighausen.  Below follows a collection of pictures of the main street and the market:

Sunday evening we were glad to go ‘home’ to our campervan and put up our legs.  However, not before we had a nice meal at a restaurant we passed on our way back.  Since it was still asparagus season my main course was “Spargel mit bernaise Sauce, Schinken und Salzkartoffeln” since we don’t get those kind of asparagus at home.  

Besides having met Els and her husband we’d also met another Dutch couple who, until then, I’d only known by name: Cecile and Wim.  Cecile is an avid miniature knitter who has designed patterns and published books with knitting patterns.  We’d met on Saturday night, after Frank had had a little mishap when going out to get take-away, and again Sunday afternoon after the fair.  They’re a nice couple and we had a great time chatting. It was a great closure of an equally great weekend.


  1. Hallo Marion.

    Wat jammer dat ik niet heb geweten dat je ook naar Rheda ging (maar dat komt omdat ik al een poos niet heb gekeken natuurlijk!), ik ben er beide dagen geweest.
    Dan hadden we elkaar nog in levende lijve kunnen ontmoeten!
    Mooie foto's heb je gemaakt, ik heb het idee dat ik de helft niet heb gezien als ik naar je foto's kijk!

    Groetjes Jody

  2. Oh Jody, inderdaad: wat jammer. Ik zou het heel leuk hebben gevonden je te ontmoeten. Ik vond het ook zo leuk om Nina te ontmoeten, waar ik al eens eerder contact mee had gehad. En dat allemaal vanwege onze blogs! Ja, er was veel moois te zien (en te kopen). Het was maar goed dat ik weinig tijd had om mijn portemonnee steeds te openen. LOL Misschien toch ooit eens tot ziens. We gaan helaas zondag weer naar huis, dus kom ik ook niet meer in de buurt. Wie weet kom ik nog wel weer eens terug.


  3. Thanks for showing all the pics of that expo. Those were great. The 2 story music studio gave me an idea for a spiral staircase that I've been struggling with. Yay!


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