Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Back home again

I've been home for a week now and still getting over the jet lag and all the excitement that the three months away overseas have brought me.  I had a fantastic time if not 'the time of my life', because I don't think this will ever occur again: 2 Miniature Fairs, a number of workshops and meeting with so many like minded friends.  As I said before, I still feel very privileged that I have been able to do this.

However, back to everyday life, which means: miniatures (what else?).

I had not yet shown you a number of gifts and I have to make the promise good that I would do that as soon as I would be home.

These are the gifts that I hadn't taken a picture of before.  There are 'new' and 'old' ones.  Let me explain.  The email group has on and off has a yearly get-together and a number of items were given to the few people that live overseas.  So, since I was able to pick them up myself this time I did so with great pleasure.  Other items were given to me while visiting here and there, but I wasn't always able to take a picture.  There might even be more coming, because I had to send on two parcels in the mail, which hopefully will arrive soon.  If there's anything else I should show you I will.  Oh well, there is something else, but I am not telling you..... yet.

Next I have also spent some time on actual miniature making.  Amongst other things I have bought a number of workshop kits to present to people of our club.  I don't always have the time to think of something new, nor am I of the creative type to do so, so I was happy to find this alternative.

I have started on two of them.  Yes, I know there are some more interesting workshops waiting to be finished, but I have started on these so as to have something ready for the next few meetings.  I have to put a kit together before I present the workshop, because I want to know what we're supposed to be doing. ;-)

Here goes.  Number 1 is something I have been wanting to make for quite a while now: a lever arch folder:

This kit was designed and put together by Tine Krijnen of whom I have bought a number of book making kits before.  I love them all and they are among my prized possessions. 

The next one is a more country themed kit: a chicken in a kind of framed shadow box.  I am hoping to start on a country shop when my florist is finished, so this is a good start:

It's a bit difficult to see in the picture, but there is a chicken behind the wire and some straw and a few eggs.  It looks lovely in real life.  This kit was designed and put together by Anneke van der Sande.

And by now it's time for me to have lunch, so I wish you all the best and till next time.


  1. Everything is wonderful! And thanks for sharing the pics from the fairs. I love the exhibits!

  2. How lovely. Nice to see you again in blogland, Marion! Lovely the little chicken!!

  3. wow you have a very interesting blog, with so many wonderful pictures of miniatures. Congratulations


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