Thursday, April 14, 2011

Another workshop

This time we're in the Hague where Loes teaches us how to make easy chairs.  A perfect day again with excellent catering.  Oh, how I love the Dutch treats....  But hey, that's not what we're here for!  So, what are we doing? Well, Loes is telling us all how to do it right, Anja is working in 1/24th schale, Andrea is making a chair with 'crackled' leather, Bianca is using lovely fabric and Marion ordinary red leather, but when the chair is finished it won't be ordinary red anymore if she can help it....  It will be a well-worn red leather chair!  Anja is the only one working in smaller scale, the others stick to 1/12th.

Else (far left) visiting the workshoppers

Anja, Andrea, Bianca and Marion listening to 'teacher' Loes

Anja talking or working?  One guess!

Marion enjoying herself
Has anyone noticed the toll this 'working' holiday has taken on me?  I've gone quite grey of late!!! :-)

Of course you want to see the end results as well.  Here goes:

12th scale: Loes, Bianca, Marion, Andrea
24th scale: Anja
I will publish a better picture of my chair later when it's finished.  I didn't quite make it, although I have suprised myself by going home with a nearly finished product.  We all have been given enough material for a second chair, so my chair won't be lonely once it has found a room in my (still to build) Dutch house.  I've also bought a 'smoker's' side table that I couldn't resist.  Loes has made it and it even ahs ash in the ash tray.  I find that quite a treat for people who don't smoke!

Dont' worry, the ashtray isn't crooked
Don't worry, the ashtray isn't sitting on the top as crooked as you think.  I don't know how I did it, but it's just the way I took the picture.  Don't you just love it?  There's even a burnt matchstick next to the matchbox....

And you know what?  Loes organised this workshop especially for me because of my visiting The Netherlands. I just felt like Royalty!!! Loes, thank you so much for a most enjoyable day.


  1. Dat ziet er erg gezellig uit, ik had er graag bij willen zijn. Jammer dat ik moest werken

  2. Try another browser Marion. I can't blog with Google Chrome properly so I used Mozilla . Hope that helps

  3. Thanks for your comments guys. Klara, One day we'll meet too. I am slowly getting to know the whole crowd. ;-) And Sans, I have solved the problem temporarily by using my hubbies laptop with the older version of IE. Will go into the nitty gritty of it all when I get back home. Thanks for helping. I think it's going to be Mozilla in the end.


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