Thursday, August 19, 2010


... I got a stand for my dolls house. It has been behind closed doors for a couple of years and then it's a matter of: out of sight, out of mind!  It's one of those Del Prado kits that you could buy as a series some 12 years ago now.  I have been working on it on and off, but hopefully it will be getting the attention it deserves from now on.  It will still have to compete with my other projects, which are many, but at least, it's close at hand now.

I've bought one of those cheap looking shelves stands meant for a workshop, but since I am using them for the rest of my workplace as well it's a handy addition.  Plenty of room to work on, and plenty of room for storage.  And who cares what the room looks like anyway?  Everybody entering is blown away by my miniature projects on display. LOL

The house still needs a lot of work done.  I was too impatient to build it completely first, so I started with finishing the kitchen, hall and living room first, before I started work on the other floors and the roof.  So, at least the ground floor looks good....

For those who know the Del Prado house, I have altered a few minor things so far.  Well, not all minor, a major one too.  Luckily I realised before I started building, that the house itself was not of crash hot quality, so I built a sturdy base first on which I sat the house.  The rest is minor.  I built a false wall in the kitchen, because I wanted the stove in the corner to create a more pleasant view and I left out the stairs in the hall (after I had constructed them), because they took up far too much space.  Instead I added a door at the end of the hallway to give the impression of more rooms behind the door from which stairs could lead to the other floors.  I haven't changed anything in the living room.  At a later stage I will go into more detail of the various rooms, but for now you'll have to be satisfied with this one picture. ;-)  And for those who are going to ask: no, the house hasn't got a name yet, nor do I have a specific plan or a family in mind that's going to occupy it.  This was my first dolls house and I have only concentrated on learning what to do.  If anyone can suggest a proper name I'll consider it.  Saves me having to put on my thinking cap. ;-)

In the meantime I have been making a few more things for my witch's house and I needed to print a few items, so spent all my day yesterday designing and searching.  I like to design things myself, but it can be quite time consuming and then I get impatient and just look for something on the internet that takes my fancy.  The Graphics Fairy is a good site for that, although dangerous when you don't want to waste time.....

Also I want to welcome a few more people who stopped by for a visit:
Jeannette Bashore at JRB Creations,
CM at My Realitty, who also has another blog called Left Coast Mini,
and Marie at Le Petit Monde Merveilleux de Marie

Welcome folks.  I hope you like what I am doing and will come back for another visit.

That's it for now.  I'm going to update my witch's blog and I am itching to find out what else I am going to make today.  I don't know yet....

Bye for now


  1. Marion, What a perfect stand for your dollhouse!

  2. That looks like a fun project, Marion....I like the alterations you have made, too.

  3. I think the false wall in the kitchen is a great idea. I always have problems showing off things placed in back corners and you have provided a great solution!


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