Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Something different

As you may be aware, I am a member of the Bribie Woodcrafters' and learning a lot of new skills. I like working with wood, and I like my machines even more. I have acquired quite a collection and the corner in my garage was getting rather crowded. Everything was on trestles and a small Triton workbench, but since last week I am the proud owner of a real workbench:

I have sorted everything out and tidied up and I am hoping that I can keep it quite as tidy as it is now...

Having such, may I say unusually small, machines for woodworking it has attracted quite an interest at the 'Woodies' and I was asked to come around on market days to demonstrate, which I happily did last Sunday, together with my other half.  I took a number of my miniatures around to display and it is amazing when you realise how few people actually know about this hobby.  Frank demonstrated the milling machine and the router(table), I worked on my thicknesser and table saw.  We took a kind of Unimat system with us as well, although we were not working on it, but had it set up for wood turning.  Everyone commented on the size of it: so small!  Anyway, I did some preparation work for workshops, so time wasn't wasted and we had a lovely day overall.  Who knows, we might eventually get some more people interested in miniatures.

Before Sunday I had also made a little cabinet.  Since it's meant for the Florist go and have a look at my other blog if you haven't already done so.

On Monday I had a lucky escape while doing my cabinet making course.  I had been working on almost all the more dangerous machines during the day, but managed to damage my hand on a simple band sander.  I had switched from one sander to the one next to it, not realising that the support for the wood had a bigger opening underneath than the other one.  The piece of wood slipped through and so did my hand.  It got really stuck under the metal frame and I can tell you, it was a huge relief that I could wriggle all my fingers when my hand was finally freed....  I am now badly bruised and have lost a bit of skin on the inside, but I am using all ten fingers to type this, so it's not too bad after all.

Now it's back to the drawing board as I am trying to design another little cabinet.

Bye for now and thanks again for stopping by.


  1. Oh Marion, that is scary! Ik kreeg een rilling toen ik het las. Glad your injuries were not too bad. Another reminder that all machines can be dangerous.

    You've got a great workbench! And it has to be used...and then it gets cluttered :) That's just the way it goes.

    In answer to your question, no I did not take a class this time. Although strictly speaking that is not true, as I did take a class with Jens Torp, the weekend before the show. I'll show what I've made some time later on my blog. It needs a lot more work...a lot!

  2. Ieks, dat was vast erg schrikken! Gelukkig is het niet heel ernstig! Heerlijk zo'n plek voor je machines!

  3. I am glad your hand will recover I hope you won't have burn scars from the abrasion.

    I am sure the teacher was really shook up too. No excuses for the teacher, there should never have been a gap that wide on a machine being used by inexperienced students.

  4. Hope you recover soon! Enjoying your blog very much :)

  5. Glad you are healing up! Your blog is a really fun find for me today. I recently cleaned up my craft room too--it feels so good to clean out things I no longer need to make room for the new things I want to do. I look forward to following your blog and am so glad I found it today! xo Jennifer

  6. Hi Jennifer, I noticed I can welcome you as a follower too. I have been too busy to look at or after my blogs, neither have I done a lot of miniing of late, but had a look at your blog and like what you're doing. Will go back sometime.


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