Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Christmas is coming.....

.....and I have been wrecking my brain for workshops.  I think I have one for a small group now and I am working on it, so no picture to show yet.  It's an item that I saw on one of the blogs, but can't remember where.  The list is getting too long. :-)  However, I don't think the person will mind, because I can't do it as well as she did and we're only doing this workshop with a small group of friends.  On Sunday though, I want to have a workshop ready for a larger group of people and this is what I have prepared so far.  My apologies for the quality of the picture.  I am not a good photographer at the best of times, but late at night, when it's dark and I am tired, it tends to be just a quick fix.  The picture was taken in the living room of my Del Prado house, which is still not finished.  One day.....

For a long time I have wanted to make those Christmas bells that my mother used to hang under the lamps every year and I finally discovered how to make them.  I've finished them of with a little bit of holly and that'll do me fine!

Off to bed I go.  Till next time.


  1. Your bells look lovely! Very Christmasy!

  2. Wow Marion, your bells look just like the real thing right out of the sixties! Very clever.

  3. Hello Marion. The bells look just like the 1:1 do look like. You have done perfect CristmasBells!

  4. Hi Marion,visit your blog is always a pleasure.I invite you to participate in my litlle giveaway.Best miniregards from Spain.

  5. Me gustan mucho tus cosas,ya tienes una seguidora más,te invito a visitarme.Besos.


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