Sunday, October 10, 2010

We have a winner!

I was not going to be home today, so I had already planned a way to randomly find a winner without the use of my printer.  Instead of printing all your names and draw them from a 'hat', I have counted all the valid messages for the draw and used a random number generator:

About this generator


Random numbers generated Oct 10 2010 at 11:18:21 by
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As you can see, nr. 31 is the lucky number, and whose (valid) message was number 31 you may ask???



Ultsu aka Ulla, and I think Ulla is from Finland.  Congratulations Ulla.  If you send me your address then the giveaway is going to be in the mail tomorrow.  I hope you will find it to your liking.

At the same time I want to welcome I my new followers.  I was pleasantly surprised by the interest and the number of new followers my giveaway has created.  I hope you will all become regular followers and I would love it if you would leave a comment now and then.  It's so great to have so many likeminded friends and share this great hobby of ours. For now I wish you all the best.  Since there are so many of you I cannot welcome you all by name like I usually do, but be assured, I have visited all you blogs, insofar you have one, and have enjoyed my visits tremendously. As always, there's so much talent out there!

My next update might be on my other blog: The Florist, because at present I am into flower making again and I am also working on the spiral staircase.

Just for fun. When I was looking for some inspiration I discovered this picture on the web:

I can tell you, that's NOT the staircase you'll find in my flower shop, but boy, would I love to have a go on that one!!!. :-)

Bye for now...


  1. Congratulations Ulla :D so exciting!!! Linda x

  2. OMG, I am so happy that I won such a stunning giveaway price :-). Thank you very much, Marion. I have sent you my address.

  3. Congratulations Ultsu!
    Groetjes uit het verre Holland, dank je wel voor het organiseren van deze fantastische give-away Marion!

  4. ¡Felicidades Ulla!
    Gracias por el sorteo.
    Besos Clara

  5. Congratulations Ulla and than you Marion

  6. Congratulations at the winner!! Thanks for your giveaway

  7. Congratulations to the winner and thank you for the giveaway !

  8. Los miniaturistas nos volvemos un poco niños y esta caida de tobogan está a la altura.
    Un abrazo


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