Monday, September 20, 2010

Giveway, welcome en general news

Pfff, back from holidays and I had to get back into the swing again straightaway.  We had a great time touring with the campervan for a fortnight.  For whom is interested, the story and piccies are on my other blog: Young pups rond Australië (which is both in Dutch and in English).  We would have loved to stay away a bit longer, but our club had their Open Day on the 19th so I had to get my stuff ready for display and some items that I wanted to sell.  And as always, you have the greatest ideas the day before and work far too late into the night to get it al done...  Anyway, we had a great time.  My youngest son came over for the weekend and helped me with a few things.  I was going to offer my resin doors and windows for sale and Kevin had designed a module for special light effects that he wanted to put up for sale as well.  So, we made a little display set to show the doors and windows and his light.  Since this module can simulate various effects we decided that for the display we would have a sign with a simulated fluro (fluorescent light) in it.  As you know, a fluro starts up with a bit of flickering and then changes to steady.  I was going to show a short video here, but it's incomplete right now, so that'll have to wait till Kevin is back and we can get it going again.  However, here's a piccie to give you an idea without the light on (the light is in the BAR-sign):

I never have a table at the show, but sell some odds and ends at the club sales table.  Mostly kits that I put together and some knitted items.  It's my way to create a little bit of income so I can buy a few items without feeling too guilty. :-)

And this is what I bought:

I was so happy to finally find somebody who sold Aleene's tacky glue, because my old one was nearly finished and it has been quite difficult to find a new one.  They also had a different kind of glue, called: white craft cement.  Apparently ideal for glueing silk and other fabric without staining.  Worth a try!  Further a bit of ribbon in a colour I needed and some glassware.  Also handles for purses, castor wheels, locks and keys and somthing looking like little doorknobs.  All those things I don't need right now, but you know as well as I do that they might come in handy one day...

Then, while I was away, my number of followers had grown beyond expectation and hurray!!! I have reached 100!!!  More about that later.  I first want to welcome all those new friends:

First my daughter-in-law, Tori, who has nothing with miniatures, but is a fantastic scrapper!  No time for a blog yet, what with family, full time job and study.  So, welcome Tori. And further:
Sara at Minidreamz,
Ana at Mi Mundo en Rosa,
Rosamargarita at La Tapatia,
Rosella at Il salotto delle rose, and
M Carmen Casanova at Mini Shabby
Also Berri Jones, but I couldn't find a link for a blog or website.
Anyway, I wish you all a warm welcome and I hope you will find something of interest on my blog now and again. Thank you for following my blog.  And by the way, people, all these blogs are well worth to have a look at, if you haven't done so already. Such variety, such skills!

And last but not least, to thank all my followers I want to celebrate the magic number of 100, so I have been working on a giveaway while I was travelling.  Here it is:

I hope you like this Christening Gown.  I have done some knitting before, but I have never attempted a lace pattern.  Pffff, I didn't realise the concentration involved, but I did it!!!  And it's going to be yours if you want it and..... if you are lucky. ;-)

I guess you all know the drill by now: You have to be a follower and I would like you to leave a comment of course.  I also would appreciate it if you would copy the picture (the first one will do of course) and post it on your blog, but you don't have to to be in the draw.  I hope to pick a winner on the 10th of October.  Good luck!

And now it's off to bed.  Tomorrow I am hoping to update my other blog, the witch's cottage.  See ya



  1. Marion, welcome back and congratulations on your 100 followers. Would you please count me in for your lovely giveaway? Dankjewel :-)

  2. Hi Marion hope you had fun on your holiday congratulations on reaching 100 followers the christening gown is beautiful too good to give away but please include me in your giveaway

  3. Congratulations!! 100 Followers!! Please enter me in your's so pretty!! Thank You!
    -KIM :)

  4. marion - my blog is
    thanks for the welcome.
    would you include me in your giveaway as well?
    thank you. i'll post link to my blog.


  5. Congradulations! Count me in! The prize is so wonderful!

  6. Felicidades por tus 100 seguidores y tu estupendo blog¡¡me apunto al sorteo y te invito al mio tambien.Saludos

  7. Congratulations on your 100 followers. I am a new follower and I would like to participate in your beautiful giveaway. Would you please count me in? I put it on my blog.
    Thanks Rosella

  8. Hallo Marion, wat ben je toch lekker bezig, je doopjurk ziet er fantastisch uit, dus wil je mij mee tellen voor de give-away?
    groetjes Klara

  9. Hola Marion, me gusta mucho tu trajecito de bautizo y quisiera participar!

  10. Me encantaria particpar en tu sorteo y poder conseguir ese precioso trabajo.
    Espero tener suerte.
    Subo el aviso a mi blog.
    besitos ascension

  11. Beautiful dress! Congrats on 100 Followers! And please count me in:)

  12. Hello Marion, what a beautiful giveaway. Will you please count my in?
    Congratulations with the 1oo followers. I'll post the link on my blog.


  13. Gorgeous knitting! I've just done a few mini-knits and it really does take much more concentration. I didn't even try a lace pattern. You did beautiful work.

  14. Very beautiful Give away!
    Thanks!I hope to win!:-))
    Please count me!

  15. This coordinated baby is adorable! please Marion, includes me in your give away! I put the link on my blog ...
    kisses and congratulations for your 100 or more followers!

  16. Marion, I would love to participate in your giveaway! Your knitting is stunning!! What a baby gown! It is darling!

  17. Marion, congratulation on 100 followers, I would love to win your gorgeous gown, cheers Sharon

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  19. Congratulations on your 100 followers. The giveaway is very lovely. I would like to participate to your giveway.

  20. Cuenta conmigo para el sorteo. Gracias a él he conocido tu blog y me gustan mucho tus trabajos. Ya soy la seguidora 107. Lo pondré en mi blog.

  21. my baby would love this!!! Thanks for the offer it's just beautiful!!

  22. ¡Que bonito!!!
    Me gustaría participar !!!
    Ahora lo pongo en mi blog ( =

  23. Enhorabuena por tus seguidores! no conocía tu blog, y me ha encantado todo lo que haces. Enhorabuena por tu buen gusto y tu saber hacer. Un beso.

  24. Very beautiful give away. I want win this :)


  25. Congratulations on your 111 followers! Your giveaway is beautiful! Please count me in!

  26. Hi Marion! You have a great giveaway! I´d love to take part of it.


  27. primero felicitarla por el trabajo realizado en ese traje de bautizo,y me encantaria participar en el,darle la enhorabuena por su 113 seguidores,copio la imagen para levarla a mi blog,un saludo pepi.

  28. No conocia tu blog pero lo que he visto hasta ahora me ha gustado mucho, me gustaria poder participar en el sorteo, ahora pongo aviso en mi blog, besos. Yolanda.

  29. I'm a new follower and I like your blog!
    Please count me in your give away


  31. Congratulations on your followers ! And beautiful giveaway,please count me in ...

  32. Such a beautiful gown. I would love to participate on your giveaway.

    ultsu aka Ulla

  33. Wat prachtig zeg! Zo klein en knap gemaakt. Ik waag graag een kansje voor de give-away.
    Gefeliciteerd met al je volgers!

  34. muchas felicidades!!! me encantaria poder participar en tu sorteo aqui te dejo mi direcion un besito

  35. Please count me in for your beautiful giveaway. I'm a new follower. Hugs

  36. Olá Marion!!!
    Agradeço sua gentileza por indicar a nova cola Cimento ofício branco. Ela deve ser ideal para meus trabalhos com tecidos finos, pena que no Brasil não temos acesso a maioria do material para minis de qualidade, falta-nos quase tudo até balaústres.... LOL... Se você puder me ajudar de alguma forma posso enviar o dinheiro para que você compre para mim... mas não se sinta obrigada a isso, é só uma idéia.
    Adorei conhecer seu blog, tudo é lindo, e é claro que eu gostaria de ganhar o vestido amarelo!!!
    Obrigada por me seguir, estou orgulhosa!!!
    Beijos, carinho,

  37. Hello Laurinha,

    I understand that you would want me to buy the glue for you, but it's not possibe for me, because I didn't buy it in a shop. It is produced by Gary Products at Staten Island, NY in the USA. Their email adress is: Try if you can buy it directly from them, or if they know a distributer. Good luck.

  38. oooooo love the giveaway...just discovered your blog....nice to meet you :D count me in please :D Linda x

  39. complimenti !!! partecipo con gioia al tuo giveaway :o)

  40. Hi Marion...pls count me in on your draw. What lovely work!
    hugs Karin

  41. That Christening gown is so beautiful. I live in Canada and I have just discovered your blog so of course I signed on as a follower right away. I am glad I found it and can't wait to see what you do with your dollhouse.

  42. Hallo marion.

    Wat een schitterende give away en het is volgens mij nog net op tijd, ik doe graag mee!
    Je foto en link staan op mijn blog.

    Groetjes Jody.

  43. Felicidades por tus trabajos,me gustaria participar en el sorteo.
    Un beso

  44. Congratulations for your followers!!

    Please cont me foryour giveaway!!

    Mini hugs

  45. hola me gustaria participar en el sorteo ,,,besosss

  46. Hola¡¡ Mi nombre es Maria conocida como Cibeles.Soy de España.
    Me encanta tu blog felicidades.
    Un abrazo fuerte desde España.
    Y tambien quiero participar en tu sorteo.


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