Wednesday, December 29, 2021

My Dollshouse - Part 16

Because of the festivities I am only working on my dollshouse intermittently and therefore I forget to take regular pictures.  In the meantime I have added a sewing room.  Originally it was to be the upstairs hallway with stairs going to the attic, but I didn't feel like having stairs taking up all of the room.  We'll just have to imagine that the stairs are somewhere at the back of the house....

I created the wallpaper myself and printed it all out on A4 paper.  The floor was done with some 1.5mm thick mahogany that I had laying around.  I cut the strips and glued them on paper, after which I glued the whole floor down. Waxed with bees wax of course. ;-)

The lamp came with the dollshouse, as usual.

The little sewing machine I already had, as well as the dressmaker's dummy and the white cabinet in the back.  The folding sewing reck was a workshop from the past and the little sewing cabinet on the floor as well.  The teddybear I have had for years.  Just a little addition to the room.  As with all the other rooms, the walls are still bare, but I will look into paintings and other decorations in the future.


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